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4 May 2020

L ' venous insufficiency , also known in technical jargon as venous stasis, is a typical pathological disorder of the female gender, regarding the blood circulation and the greatest portion when the veins can no longer convey the right amount of blood from the extremities to the heart.

This poor ability of the veins to return blood to the heart can generally be caused by two factors: by an evident loss of elasticity of the blood vessels or by the malfunction of the valves positioned inside them, necessary to counteract the force of gravity opposes the rise of blood flow from the bottom up.

L ' venous insufficiency  is a pathology that can then be correlated to pathological alterations of the veins (stasis dermatitis, deep...

23 Apr 2020

Choosing an effective domain name is an excellent thing both for users and for search engines: here are the tips not to miss the name of the site.

Choosing the right domain name for a website can make a decisive contribution to its success. This occurs not only in terms of positioning on search engines, but also as regards the more classic and traditional word of mouth among users, both online and offline.

If you want to better present your business on the internet, it is necessary that you take into consideration some useful precautions that will help you choose a winning domain name , a crucial step to obtain visibility and success on the web.

What is the domain name?

Let's start with a basic notion, that is what...

18 Jan 2020

The video surveillance is an area of electronic surveillance that is especially used in the field of private security as it allows you to remotely control an area or well through the use of cameras. These systems have a dual function: to provide real-time images of the event and subsequently to reconstruct it.

Generally, video surveillance systems are indicated with the abbreviation CCTV, an acronym for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) which refers to the use of cameras that transmit the signal to certain, well delimited, sets of monitors and / or video recorders. This type of facility is typically used to monitor areas that need to be controlled such as military bases, airports and banks. Nowadays CCTV security camera...