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23 Sep 2020

How to choose the personalization of work and safety clothing , how to choose the type of marking ? This is a good question to ask yourself when it comes to personalizing  corporate work clothing . To personalize work clothes, professional outfits or safety clothing for your employees, you will have to choose from several marking techniques.. This is how you can have the visuals and textual elements of your choice printed on the garment. Usually, this is the logo and name, or even the slogan of your company. You must also choose the location of your branding, the font of the text or your slogan and the color of your personalization, elements that will best reflect your company's image. We offer you different customization techniques for your work clothing markings with logo.

·         The technical embroidery marking which is the most used, it is a high-end personalization

·         The screen printing is generally used for textile printing and quantity for the budget.

·         The transfer silk screen generally used for manufacturing small quantities.

·         The digital transfer is perfect for customizing markings logo or picture with lots of color or quad.

Flocking techniques on your work clothes that we offer to best suit your needs. Each marking technique has its specificities and you will not get the same rendering or the same quality depending on the technique used. You can add your logo, or text, or both, but be careful not to overload the custom work garment . To help you make the right choice, we have decided to explain in detail, in this article, the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each marking technique.

Personalized embroidery workwear

To create qualitative work or safety clothing, we advise you to choose embroidery as a marking technique . It is a personalization technique that will allow you to have your company name, possibly your slogan, but also an image, such as your logo, for example, on the work clothing.

A personalized workwear logo embroidery will render clear, precise and professional. It is a high-end marking technique that will allow you to obtain a prestigious rendering. If now it is possible to embroider digitally, an embroidered work garment brings an artisanal touch to this customization technique.

Your text, your Logo Embroidery in Dubai or the name of your company will be embroidered in relief on the professional work clothes for your company. Embroidery is also the personalization technique that allows for a solid and resistant marking.

Marking workwear with logo, photo, transfer text

The work clothes can also be marked by the transfer technique. Corporate clothing flocked with a screen-printing or digital transfer is very beautiful and the rendering is of excellent quality. The technique of this personalization consists in transferring on a work garment , a logo or a text or any other reasons, the elements by means of a heat press. The visual and textual elements have been previously printed on a vinyl film support for digital or paper using screen printing or laser printing.

This digital transfer technique will allow you to reproduce elements rich in color on your work clothes with a personalization of logo, photo, text. It is also an economical technique, ideal for the personalization of work and safety clothing in small series. It should, however, be realized that the durability of a marking made with the flocking technique is less than with the embroidery technique.


Workwear flocked in silkscreen printing

To achieve quality marking for your professional work and safety clothing, you also have the option of using the screen printing technique. The screen printing is a technique of flocking very old which is to print directly to the professional garments your patterns and text elements. These can be made up of one or more colors. The ink passes through a silk screen by means of a squeegee. You can request the use of special inks, to make a flocked work garment in silkscreen printing unique, like fluorescent ink so that the printed patterns are visible even at night. This will depend in particular on your industry. The rendering is faithful and of quality. You should also know that the marking by screen printing is quite resistant, less than embroidery, but more than flocking. It is also a very economical marking solution.

Customize work clothes

This article has enabled you to discover in detail the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each marking technique for the personalization of your work and safety clothing, namely embroidery, Silk Screen Printing in Dubai or transfer. You can easily make your choice according to your needs in order to personalize work clothes for your business. Embroidery gulf offers you the most innovative marking techniques, while respecting the environment. For the personalization of your work clothes, trust Embroidery gulf with professional know-how.



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