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13 Jul 2020

Online shoppinginvolves the act of purchasing products over internet using a web browser. This is a process that customers go through for researching and purchasing a product or service. Online shopping allows buyers to compare the products and their prices being offered by different websites. This is also called online shopping or e-shopping.

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Who operates online shopping?

Nowadays almost every retail store has an online section, to serve its customers over internet. This also facilitates customers who are in dearth of time to go for shopping , as online shopping helps them to browse through products at their convenience and buy them using payment cards or net banking.

There are some companies who do not have any  retail storefront and operates only online.

History of online shopping

The first online shopping software system was developed by Intershop Communication AG, in 1995 called Intershop Online. Many of the online shopping websites  used this software. This software allowed the online shops to add more shopping capabilities with secure transaction facility for their customers.

Advantages of online shopping

Online shopping has numerous benefits, as it works wonders for people having a valid credit or debit card or online bank account. This more of shopping is also beneficial for sellers as they can reach out to customers who cannot visit the store physically. The other benefits are:

  1. Convenience
  2. Avoiding crowd
  3. Sending gifts to faraway locations.
  4. Traveling is not required
  5. Ease of price comparison
  6. Personalization is ensured.
  7. Chatbots ensure query is answered any time of the day
  8. Some sites also encourage transaction in cryptocurrency

Products purchased can be procured internationally

The buyers are immensely benefitted from the facility of online shopping. Sometimes the items which are not found in home countries can also be shopped by ordering them online, which can reach us from other countries. Some retailers also offer their items online besides offering them at their traditional brick and mortar establishment.

People who suffer from snoring problems Purchase Innovative Good sleep Anti-Snore Micro Cpap device is easily available online but might not always be found in a storefront.

Those who want design dresses may desire to purchase no-stitch as seen on TV fabric repair powder, which is trending these days, can be shopped from online retail shops. E-commerce helps track one's order.


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