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7 Jul 2020

Vacation time - investor time. What may sound strange is in many cases true. So many holidaymakers use the favor of the hour to bring along something for the family as well as something for themselves. Some investors appreciate that fine gold jewelry abroad can presumably be a souvenir and investment in one. So far so good. But in the end, the police advise at the beginning of the holiday season to look very closely at whether the offers are actually the bargain hoped for.

Gold finally on the way up again

It is true that gold has undergone price clarification in the past one to two years. The former high-altitude flight came to an end around 2019. The result was that the gold price was set at a level that experts consider to be clearly more justified than the highs of almost $ 2,000 per troy ounce. In addition to the critical situation in Iraq, it is now the ongoing phase of low interest rates that not only the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve are sticking to. The precious metal could soon go through the next price jump. The share price has risen again by about a tenth since the beginning of the year. Only in early July did gold reach its highest level in at least three months.

Buying jewelry from unknown retailers is a high risk

Experts urgently warn against buying from the unknown retailer at the holiday location from the relaxed atmosphere. Special prices for searched coins or extra low prices for gold bars during the holiday season at popular destinations? Realistically, such conditions are unlikely. Nevertheless, many holidaymakers fall for the lure offers of retailers in vacation areas. In many cases, these are not individual perpetrators, but organized gangs that, like professional and reputable gold trading, are currently booming again. The hunt for yield on gold means that many investors are drawn to rash measures.

Often no gold at all in jewelry

The result: consumers buy gold with counterfeit stamps and hope for big business. These gold products are known in expert circles as "Autobahn gold", which is due to the fact that the products are not offered for sale in normal trade, but in unusual places. It is important for the sellers when choosing the point of sale that they do not run the risk of being exposed by real experts. In order not to fall for inferior junk at high prices, insiders advise consumers to only buy in the right shops, even on vacation. No matter whether you are interested in rings, chains, luxury watches or other gold products. Often there is not even a minimal gold content in the alleged jewelry as part of an analysis.

Investors should keep one thing in mind: Due to the international nature of the gold market, it is basically impossible for Scrap gold calculator jewelry to be available at the other end of the world at a fraction of the normal price. Those who want to treat themselves prefer to trust renowned providers such as jewelers or gold retailers. The price comparison is fundamentally worthwhile.


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