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21 Jun 2020

Dear newlyweds, have you neglected the choice of rental car for your wedding? Did you last leave the choice to save?

Well, today we give you some advice on how to really save on the rental, taking advantage of original ideas to still be able to have an effective car for your wedding day.

Here are the 6 ideas that I had in mind and that I wanted to share with you, dear newlyweds.

1. Cheap vintage cars

Have you ever thought about renting for the wedding just that old car model that your grandparents had? That car that reminds you of family, childhood, holidays and which, in your emotional memory, gives you a sense of security and serenity?

These are, in most cases, small cars that can still be found with ease in circulation and that you could rent at an affordable price, especially by contacting private individuals.

Inquire through acquaintances or, if you may still have this car in the garage , try to put it back into operation.

However, you may find great opportunities by visiting the online sale ads where many owners may also offer you the car at a price, really, torn .

2. The car of friends

Do you have any fanatic friends of vintage cars, Jeeps , or luxury cars ? If the answer is yes and their owned cars are suitable for the style of your wedding, why not ask them for a favor?

In return, if they don't ask for anything as compensation, you could give them a nice gift, or offer them a delicious dinner.

If you are lucky enough to have friends who have a dealer, then you are on horseback! Take advantage of it and ask them for advice, information and maybe just rent the most suitable car to take you to the place of your wedding ceremony.

3. Sponsors and visibility

An original alternative is to choose a car at zero cost, or almost, in exchange for advertising.

You could agree with a private individual or with a renter and give them photos of your wedding in which you see the car. In this way, being professional photos characterized by an excellent resolution, they could be uploaded on their website or on social pages to advertise themselves.

Or, you could tag him in the photos posted on social media, insert the link of his website and make a nice word of mouth among your friends.

Some may not accept and this is easily understood and justifiable. However, if you  contact private individuals and not large agencies , you could have this great opportunity for savings. Obviously, gasoline is up to you.

4. Alternative means of transport

Among the alternative means, you could choose some cheap car, maybe even unusual, or, use a tractor of friends at zero cost or maybe, why not, even if you own one.

Some spouses, for example, have chosen to be towed with a Sicilian cart towed decorated for the occasion and pulled by the arms of their friends.  The journey, obviously, was short and the idea was certainly original and also green .

Choose your bicycle or motorbike, as suggested in previous articles published on this blog, the ideas are many, just look for and use your imagination.

5. Offers on the internet

For wedding car rental there are also many offers on the web. Obviously. However, for classy and well-maintained cars you can find many promotions, especially by turning to individuals.

Alternatively, as suggested above, contact who sells the car and ask for a rent a car in Jamaica. Many accept as it is a good way to keep the machine turned on and show it anyway.

6. Ask for the rental on the wedding list

If you really don't want to spend or even give up a super luxury car, then, enter the car rental item in the wedding list, or, ask friends, close relatives or, perhaps, work colleagues to give it to you.

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