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13 May 2020

You would love to have your own website, where you can tell who you are, what you do, how you can help people. But there is a but: that little voice inside you that keeps asking you if it is really the right step to take. Maybe you don't know the steps to take to get the site or you're not sure you have the resources, the energies and the time to devote.

To help you calm these indecisions I decided to tell you what are the main questions to ask to get prepared for the realization of your website.

Before choosing the material, words, colors and images to use on your site, it is good to focus on the strategy. Only in this way will your new site be really useful for you and your customers. Here's what you need to consider before diving headlong into building your website:

What is your goal?

Having a well-defined final purpose is what allows you to start working right away right away. The goal is the part of your project you should never lose sight of: every decision, strategy and content you create will have to point towards the center of that target. What do you want to get from your new website?

Do you want to have a virtual place where you can show your portfolio or where you can freely write everything that goes through your head? Do you want to sell your products or services or increase your contacts? To answer these questions, start by focusing on the purpose of your business and that of your presence on the market: what are your values, what distinguishes you from the competition?

Who do you want to talk to?

Addressing everyone is like "shooting flies with a cannon": maybe some of them catch it, but you will miss out on many others. Knowing your ideal customer allows you to immediately set up your online communication knowing what content to create and how to structure it within your website to make it speak straight to the heart of your customer.

Who are your competitors?

Knowing your competition will allow you to create a strategy that can help you stand out, learn from the mistakes of others and get to know your target even better. This study will take you to find out what you can do to strengthen your online presence.

What type of site do you need?

Having already answered the previous questions, you will be clear at this point the type of site that is right for you: e-commerce, showcase site, professional, etc ...




Which budget to allocate?

Knowing a range of expenses to be allocated to the creation of your website allows you to focus on what to expect from the project. Just as you could not buy a house for € 10,000, you will not be able to have a super cool and well-equipped ecommerce for € 100.

Do you have all the resources you need?

Do you have the knowledge and skills to design your site, develop it, create effective and converting content? If this is not the case, I advise you to rely on a professional ( like me !). Do you have the time to create fresh content for your blog? If even in this case the answer is no, there are two solutions: delegate this task to a professional or find an alternative website solution that does not include the use of the blog.

After this analysis you will certainly have much clearer ideas and you can decide with serenity to start building your new website.

If you have decided to proceed with this important step for your business, I can help you with my services ! Write and tell me about your project: I will develop the website of your dreams for you!

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