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5 May 2020

More connected online thanks to social media: the "millennial doctors", in step with the times and with innovations

Who are the new doctors?

The youngest white coats, also called "millennial doctors" are the doctors of the future, the most accustomed to the use of technologies and in particular of social networks . Thanks to these tools, they create a relationship between colleagues and patients, with the aim of allowing the exchange of information quickly and immediately.

This change in relationships does not replace the direct relationship, which remains fundamental, but is a sign of the so-called digital transformation that is affecting all professions.

L ' 84% of the physicians involved spent more than an hour a day on the Internet

So the young doctor combines the knowledge of his field with technological innovations, improves his skills and offers his experience to colleagues and patients.

Havas Life research

From the collaboration between Havas Life (Healthcare communication agency) and Ipsos, a survey was conducted on young doctors to analyze the transformations of their profession in practice. The sample of the project consisted of 152 doctors, specialists and non-specialists, with an average age of 31 years. The target? Understand how medicine can change with the behaviors of new professionals, increasingly linked to digital and its evolutions.

The research showed that 84% of the doctors involved spend more than an hour a day on the internet, mainly through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops. Only a fraction of the sample claims to use a desktop computer.

In particular, online activity focuses on social networks, in fact just 7% of the respondents said they do not have a profile on social networks . The most used platform is Facebook , with 82%, followed by Instagram (41%) and LinkedIn (37%).

The change of the doctor-patient relationship 

According to young white coats, digital will help change the relationship between doctor and patient. The expected change is undoubtedly positive: it will guarantee continuous and easier access to information for patients and at the same time will not replace direct dialogue. 

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More information will lead to improved communication, increasing and strengthening users' knowledge. The general practitioner will also remain very important, as he will have a fundamental function to decrease access to hospital companies and therefore limit healthcare spending.

Science and digital are the protagonists of the future

The doctors millennials therefore believe that medicine, albeit rooted in science, it will be increasingly influenced by technological developments and can not escape this fact. 

Continuous and easier access to information for patients

It will be necessary and inevitable to keep up with innovations , always taking into account the weight of scientific data to choose the most suitable treatment. Technology in particular can make clinical practices less complex by improving and simplifying data collection and choosing the right therapies for patients.

Digital and science will be the binomial to be able to work always choosing cutting-edge solutions.

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